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Hi Daljit,

This is a review by Pro Member, Stephen:

Website screenshotCategory: Marketing System
Rating: 5/5

When I first notice Build a Biz online, I was not overly impressed and simply moved on. I was wrong biggly. What changed my mind is the people I know which were already in. It made me pause and "ask", what do they know, what am I missing here.

BABO, the shorter name people have given to this, is loaded with tools:

  • Auto Responder,
  • done for you lead pages,
  • capture pages, videos and more.
  • One page to advertise all your sites.
  • One page that just snaps, and brands you, not some guru.
  • Banner Builder, rotator, email tracking, cloak, track and shrink.
  • 10 Splash pages, and/or build your own.
  • Training Videos, Auto Responder training.
  • text and banner adverting.
  • On and on.

What I Dislike

That I waited so long to get in. Seriously, I looked at this offer years ago and apparently too preoccupied with searching for the tools individually vs all being in one place.

Will be trying the pay it forward ( PIF ) soon to see how that works out. That should be interesting for sure.

Final Verdict

It's a 10 from me, still reading the training and setting up the tools, but this is a winner. Considering it's free to join and look around and even pro is super low cost.

Visit Buildabizonline.com
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