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Dear Pz10.com, NOVEMBER 2021

No need to let your full-time job keep you from further study to advance yourself - explore the flexible Wits Plus study options!

Featured course:
English Proficiency

Many individuals in the workplace are recognised as experts or specialists within their fields of study. However, these same individuals often experience challenges with their English proficiency: in detailing reports, speaking formally when addressing audiences, and even in their business writing skills and when delivering presentations. Apply today to improve your English Language Skills.

How to be a successful part-time student

Are you preparing to study part-time in 2022? Developing efficient study skills is especially important for part-time students who often work full time as well. Some of these learning strategies may improve your understanding and recollection of study material but make sure to do some research of your own to customise your study skills because we all learn differently!

Wits News:
An exciting and rare fossil find

'Leti' ,the skull of a Homo naledi child, was discovered in the Rising Star Cave System in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site near Johannesburg. An international team of researchers, led by Professor Lee Berger from Wits University, has announced the find on 4 November 2021. This first skull remains (with teeth) of a child of Homo naledi is important to develop a better understanding of the growth and development of the species.

Upcoming courses:
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Various business-focused short courses
Credit-bearing short courses for entry into BSc Honours degrees in Quantity Surveying and Construction Management
Various language short courses
TEFL short course

Just-in-time training to improve your English language skills

New skills and knowledge are essential to work efficiently in a rapidly changing world. The Covid-19 pandemic further changed how we work: employees and employers were suddenly faced with new challenges of working remotely, and virtual meetings and increased workloads and responsibilities made workplace training even more essential. However, the amount of time in a day remains constant, and training can seem inconvenient and time-consuming. Explore the benefits of enrolling for English improvement workshops to prepare for a multi-generational, multicultural and technologically-driven workplace.

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